Green Field Farms Story & Information


Green Field Farms believes in one simple rule….

Grow food the way our family farms havedone for hundreds of years. Our cows graze over lush green pastures. Chickens roam freely and have clean, dry bedding to lay their eggs. Fruits and vegetables sprout from fields that are shaped by our horse-drawn plows. The soil is cared by the touch of our hands and revitalized naturally. As a community of Amish farmers, we believe it’s important to offer only healthy and nourishing products that our own families enjoyevery day, too. Our certified organic and specialty productsare naturally raised. And they’re produced by our families who want to farm for generations to come.


What We Produce

Our list of products is growing as more producers join Green Field Farms. We produce organic eggs, cheese, maple products, and produce. We’re adding more products over time as customers make requests.

Going Beyond Certified Organic

Each member family of Green Field Farms follows a strict set of principles to ensure we produce high quality and wholesome food products. Traditional farming methods are maintained for two reasons. First, we want to remain good stewards of our precious land. Second, we believe there is no better way to instill core family values than raising our children on working farms that grow food for the community around us. Our farms grow most of their own animal feed, redistribute animal waste as earth-friendly fertilizers, and naturally control pests and weeds. Fields are cultivated with horse-drawn plows so we can constantly monitor the health of our land and crops—an impossibility when sitting atop a massive tractor. Hence, we don’t need to rely on harmful chemicals to discourage weeds and pests. In short, each farm is a small ecosystem that promotes natural ways for plants, animals, and soils to thrive. Many of the farming techniques we use today date back to the 1600s from our Swiss and German forefathers. It all starts with our appreciation of livestock manure. While many think manure is a waste product, we know there is not a better, safer fertilizer ever invented. And it’s free! We annually rotate our crops and use lime to sweeten the soils. Legumes are planted to naturally extract nitrogen from air and convert it to plant food. We produce an abundance of hay that is stored so our animals are well-nourished throughout the winter. And, of course, our livestock—cows, chickens, pigs and goats—provide more manure that re-starts the growing process.

Our Guiding Principles

Sustainability. Work in partnership with all GFF members to foster economic stabilityfor our family farms and businesses. We work together in the common interest of all, yetrespect the ownership, needs and duties of each member as independent business people.

Culture. Our way of life is important to us. It is understood that all decisions and actions are made to ensure our Amish values are protected or enhanced.

CommunityWe respect all peoples within and outside of our community. We believe it is always best to seek ways to improve not just the Amish community, but the community at large.

Our History

About 90 percent of our Amish families made a living from their farms in the 1980s. Today, less than 10 percent are full-time farmers… having been replaced by highly mechanized agriculture.

Green Field Farms was established in January 2003 to revitalize our family farms by providing customers like you fresh and healthy        food.  Raising organic animals and crops are not new ideas…. it’s the way we have farmed for centuries.                

Our Seal of Authenticity

We also mark every product that meets the standards with a Certification Seal. The seal is your guarantee that the products are 100% produced by our plain community farms (Amish or Conservative Mennonites who use horse and buggy as their main source of transportation).