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Giveaway #2
Heini's Giveaway 2 • Heini's 12oz Cheese Wheel (Colby) • Sassafras Herbal Tea • Rachel's Cranberry & Almond Cream Cheese • Frankfurter Sausages •...

Giveaway #1
Heini's Giveaway 1 • Heini's 12oz Cheese Wheel (Marble) • Sassafras Herbal Tea • Wein Gelee (Jam) • Frankfurter Sausages • Williams Country Gravy •...

Save 50% Broccoli Cheddar
Broccoli Cheddar
$5.99 $2.99
Wind & Willow Broccoli Cheddar Soup Mix Say Cheese! So creamy it's hard to believe you just have to add water. Ready in 10 minutes. Net Wt. 9.1oz...

Save 50% Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin Pie
$5.99 $2.99
Wind & Willow Pumpkin Pie Cheeseball & Dessert Mix Net Wt. 4oz (112g) *while supplies last

Save 50% White Chocolate Cherry
White Chocolate Cherry
$5.99 $2.99
Wind & Willow White Chocolate Cherry Cheeseball & Dessert Mix Tart cherries and sweet creamy white chocolate combine to bring a new year-round...

Save 50% Chicken Noodle
Chicken Noodle
$7.99 $3.99
Wind & Willow Chicken Noodle Soup Mix Warm up with Wind & Willow Chicken Noodle. This Soup is good for the heart and the soul! Net Wt. 5.6oz...

Save 50% Apple Pie
Apple Pie
$5.99 $2.99
Wind & Willow Apple Pie Cheeseball & Dessert Mix All the flavors of a homemade apple pie come together in this mix for quick and delicious...

Save 50% Rosie's Cantina
Rosie's Cantina
$5.99 $2.99
Wind & Willow Rosie's Cantina Cheeseball & Appetizer Mix Flavors of a South of the Border Cantina. Enjoy as a cheeseball or sprinkle over fajita...

Save 50% Bacon Ranch
Bacon Ranch
$5.99 $2.99
Wind & Willow Bacon Ranch Hot Dip MIx The classic flavors of bacon and ranch mixed with sour cream blend for a delicious hot dip. Net Wt. .80oz...

Save 50% Grilled Cheese & Tomato
Grilled Cheese & Tomato
$7.99 $3.99
Wind & Willow Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup Mix Comfort food at it's finest! This soup is full of flavor and great for sandwich dipping. Net Wt....

Save 50% Bacon Bleu Cheese
Bacon Bleu Cheese
$5.99 $2.99
Wind & Willow Bacon Bleu Cheese Cheeseball & Dessert Mix Smoky bacon and creamy bleu cheese blended into perfection. Net Wt 1.0oz (29g) *while...

Save 50% Smokehouse Bacon & Cheddar
Smokehouse Bacon & Cheddar
$5.99 $2.99
Wind & Willow Smokehouse Bacon & Cheddar Cheeseball & Appetizer Mix Smokey bacon and cheddar cheese make this a fan favorite! Net Wt. 1.2oz...

Save 50% Chili & Cheese
Chili & Cheese
$5.99 $2.99
Wind & Willow Chili & Cheese Hot Dip Mix Comfort food just got raised to the next level. Top with chili and cheese for the best dip ever! Net...

Save 50% Irish Pub Potato
Irish Pub Potato
$7.99 $3.99
Wind & Willow Irish Pub Potato Soup MIx Beer & Cheddar flavors with potatoes in a rich creamy base. Net Wt. 8.1oz (230g) *while supplies last

Save 50% Bacon Stuffed Mushroom
Bacon Stuffed Mushroom
$5.99 $2.99
Wind & Willow Bacon Stuffed Mushroom Appetizer Mix A creamy blend of bacon and mushroom flavors. Great as a cheeseball or try our quick Stuffed...

Save 50% Spinach Artichoke
Spinach Artichoke
$5.99 $2.99
Wind & Willow Spinach Artichoke Cheeseball & Appetizer Mix A great Cheeseball, of course! But also the base for fabulous appetizers and entrees....

Save 50% Loaded Cheddar
Loaded Cheddar
$5.99 $2.99
Wind & Willow Loaded Cheddar Hot Dip Mix A rich blend of melted cheddar and sour cream that's great for dipping or to load on a baked potato. Net...

Save 50% Minestrone
$7.99 $3.99
Wind & Willow Minestrone Soup MIx Net wt. 6.4oz (181g) *while supplies last

Save 50% Bruschetta
$5.99 $2.99
Wind & Willow Bacon Stuffed Mushroom Appetizer Mix The taste of Italian bruschetta right in the mix. Net Wt. .9oz (25g) *While Supplies Last

Save 50% Savannah Sunrise
Savannah Sunrise
$5.99 $2.99
Wind & Willow Savannah Sunrise Cheeseball & Dessert Mix Orange and Peach flavors will brighten any brunch or dessert buffet! Net Wt. 3.3oz...

Save 50% Southwest Queso
Southwest Queso
$5.99 $2.99
Wind & Willow Southwest Queso Hot Dip Mix A Southwest inspired hot dip with cheese, peppers and spices. Net Wt. 1.4oz (40g) *while supplies last

Save 50% Roasted Red Pepper Asparagus
Roasted Red Pepper Asparagus
$7.99 $3.99
Wind & Willow Roasted Red Pepper Asparagus Soup Mix Net wt. 9.1oz (258g) *while supplies last

Save 50% Caramel Apple
Caramel Apple
$5.99 $2.99
Wind & Willow Caramel Apple Cheeseball & Dessert Mix Fall and the holidays just aren't complete without a Caramel Apple Cheeseball! We love it...

Save 50% Strawberries & Cream
Strawberries & Cream
$5.99 $2.99
Wind & Willow Strawberries & Cream Cheeseball & Dessert Mix This favorite cheeseball has real strawberry pieces right in the mix. A terrific...

Save 50% Spinach Parmesan
Spinach Parmesan
$5.99 $2.99
Wind & Willow Spinach Parmesan Hot Dip Mix Spinach and parmesan combine to make a classic hot dip that's perfect for any occasion. Net Wt. 1.4oz...

Save 50% Southwest
Southwest Cheddar
$7.99 $3.99
Wind & Willow Southwest Cheddar Soup Mix Creamy and Cheesy with a blend of Southwest spices. Net wt. 5.6oz (158g) *while supplies last

Save 50% Caramel Macchiato
Caramel Macchiato
$5.99 $2.99
Wind & Willow Caramel Macchiato Cheeseball & Dessert Mix Net Wt. 2.8oz (79g) *While Supplies Last

Save 50% Sweet Pepper & Onion
Sweet Pepper & Onion
$5.99 $2.99
Wind & Willow Sweet Pepper & Onion Cheeseball & Appetizer Mix A little heat. A little sweet. And a whole lot of fun! Net Wt. 1oz (29g)...

Save 50% Vegetable Garden
Vegetable Garden
$5.99 $2.99
Wind & Willow Vegetable Garden Hot Dip Mix This warm dip is full of cheesy vegetable flavors and spices that will melt in your mouth! Net Wt. 1.2oz...

Save 50% Spinach Romano
Spinach Romano
$7.99 $3.99
Wind & Willow Spinach Romano Soup Mix Net wt. 9.1oz (258g) *while supplies last

Save 50% Farmers Market
Farmers Market
$5.99 $2.99
Wind & Willow Farmers Market Cheeseball & Appetizer Mix Flavors of the colorful vegetables of a farmer's market all in one mix. Net Wt. 1.1oz...

Save 50% BLT
$5.99 $2.99
Wind & Willow The BLT Cheesebal & Appetizer Mix Great as a cheeseball, a sandwich spread, a potato topper or a salad show stopper! Net Wt. 1 oz...

Save 50% Tortilla
Tortilla Con Queso
$7.99 $3.99
Wind & Willow Tortilla Con Queso Soup Mix Just the right mix of southwest flavors. Delicious in 10 minutes or add chunks of cooked chicken for a...

Save 50% Garlic Herb
Garlic Herb
$5.99 $2.99
Wind & Willow Garlic Herb Cheeseball & Appetizer Mix Rolled in pecans, you can't go wrong with this traditional favorite. Net Wt. 1.2oz (35g)...

Save 50% Tomato Pesto
Tomato Pesto
$5.99 $2.99
Wind & Willow Tomato Pesto Cheeseball & Appetizer Mix Fresh pesto flavor to serve with a variety of crackers and fresh veggies. Or try spreading...

Save 50% Baked Potato
Baked Potato
$7.99 $3.99
Wind & Willow Baked Potato Soup MIx Rich, creamy, delicious and ready in 20 minutes! Add just a few ingredients to create home made clam chowder,...

Save 50% Jalapeno Jack
Jalapeno Jack
$5.99 $2.99
Wind & Willow Jalapeno Jack Cheeseball & Appetizer Mix Mellow Monterey Jack cheese with just the right blend of jalapenos and southwest spices....

Save 50% Triple Berry Twist
Triple Berry Twist
$5.99 $2.99
Wind & Willow Triple Berry Twist Cheeseball & Dessert Mix The sweet flavors of strawberry, blueberry and raspberry combine to create the official...

Save 50% Lemon Cheesecake
Lemon Cheesecake
$5.99 $2.99
Wind & Willow Lemon Cheesecake Cheeseball & Dessert Mix A crowd favorite. A light,fresh, and always well received dessert. Net Wt. 3.2oz (91g)...

Save 50% Tuscan Olive
Tuscan Olive
$5.99 $2.99
Wind & Willow Tuscan olive Cheeseball & Appetizer Mix Old world flavors combine to make this a modern classic. Net Wt. .89oz (24g) *while...

Easter Basket
Happy Easter This wonderful Easter Basket includes: 1 Heini's Raw Milk cracker cut 1 Heini's Marble cracker cut 1 Heini's Colonial Cheddar cracker cut 1...

Swissters Alpine Cheese
Swissters Alpine Cheese
Heini's Swissters Alpine Cheese Creamy Cheese | Mild in flavor Artificial Growth | Hormone Free

Everyday Gouda
Heini's Everyday Gouda Semi-Soft, smooth creamy texture with a nutty flavor. 100% All-Natural Farm Milk | Artificial Hormone Free Try it on your...

Sour Neon Worm
Sour Neon Worm Weight: Approximately 1LB

Raisin Dip (Sugar Free)
Sugar Free Chocolate Raisin Dip

Cashew Snappers (Sugar Free)
Sugar Free cashew Snappers

Coconut Dip (Sugar Free)
Sugar Free Coconut Dip Weight: 1LB

Vanilla Caramel (Sugar Free)
Sugar Free Vanilla Caramel Weight: 1LB