Ansie Oil, Natural

Ansie Oil, Natural

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Pure Anise Oil for Candy, Chocolate and Baking

Natural Anise Essential Oil is steam distilled from the Pimpinella anisum plant which is related to fennel.

NOTE: Pure anise has a congealing (crystallization) point of 15ºC or 59ºF. If pure anise is exposed to temperatures below this point, the essential oil will solidify. If this happens, simply warm the anise oil until it is liquefied and shake.

Anise has a pleasant licorice taste and is commonly used to flavor Italian biscotti and other European baked goods such as Springerle, and Pizzelle cookies. It is also a popular flavor in candy.

Kosher Certified.

Gluten Free & Sugar Free

Contains: Natural Anise Essential Oil.

Insoluble in water.

>Appropriate for use in chocolates and coatings.